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VIDEO: Nigel Farage To Decide Whether Or Not He Will Stand in General Election ‘Over Next Couple of Days’


Brexit battle pioneer Nigel Farage has said he will choose whether or not he will remain in Britain’s forthcoming race over “the following couple of days” while talking on his normal LBC radio show.

The veteran MEP said that piece of him needed to dedicate himself completely to the crusade, however estimated that he may be better set to examine the Brexit transactions from the European Parliament, which will assume an extensive part in the procedures.

“I haven’t left [and] I haven’t left”, he guaranteed audience members, promising that he would keep on fighting to see Brexit conveyed whatever he chooses.


Farage: “I haven’t walked away, I haven’t gone away. I’m committed to getting us out of the EU. Keep the faith.” http://l-bc.co/lxlHX6 

Farage said he was not very astonished by the Prime Minister’s choice, judging that she is persuaded by a craving to secure a command and exploit exceptionally positive surveying – yet he likewise reminded audience members that the Conservative Party stand blamed for a softening race controls up various voting public in 2015, with various police examinations continuous.

“I think they were genuinely scared of what could happen in a series of by-elections,” he mused, recalling Zac Goldsmith’s defeat in Richmond.

Early on, a caller told the former UKIP chief that, in his view, UKIP voters should “hold their nose” and vote Tory to “save Brexit”.

Farage did not dismiss the caller out of hand, but pointed out that UKIP has proved increasingly popular with working-class voters in Labour constituencies, and raised his misgivings about the government’s commitment to, for example, taking back Britain’s fishing grounds.

“The UKIP voice” would be important in making sure a newly empowered May administration was held to account, he said.

Nigel Farage: I’m worried if Theresa May gets a big majority, she’ll have 5 years of power and go soft on Brexit http://l-bc.co/lxlHX6 

With respect to Labour, Farage predicted Jeremy Corbyn would be “absolutely mullered”. He chided the embattled opposition leader, a lifelong Brexiter, for going back on his principles in the European Union referendum by backing Remain, and characterised him as representing a “cliquey North London view of socialism”.

He also predicted the Liberal Democrats, who have already painted themselves as the party of choice for voters who want Britain to remain subject to the Single Market’s free movement regime, or even stop Brexit altogether, would make some gains, but not many.

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