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East London: ‘She’s not a mother, she’s a monster’: Bus passenger who battled to save baby’s life slams drug addict parent who let child die as judge jails her and her father-of-25 partner for 11 years


A couple who tortured their 16-week-old baby daughter before staging her death on a bus have each been jailed for 11 years.

Father-of-25 Jeffrey Wiltshire, 52, gave girlfriend Rosalin Baker, 25, the thumbs up as she boarded the number 25 in Stratford, east London, with the dead body of little Imani strapped to her chest.

The baby, who had been born prematurely at 28 weeks, was rushed to hospital, but she had already died from a fractured skull and brain injuries similar to those caused in a car crash or a fall from a first floor window.

Imani’s wrist was broken by her arm being twisted and she suffered 40 rib fractures when her tiny body was squeezed in her parents’ cramped bedsit in Manor Park, east London.

A judge bemoaned the pair’s lack of relationship with their child as he jailed them today.

Judge Nicholas Hilliard QC told Baker: ‘You never bonded with Imani. Whether that has any connection with the death of your baby daughter the year before I cannot know, but perhaps it did.’

He told her boyfriend: ‘You, Mr Wiltshire never went to visit Imani at the hospital at all.

‘That accords with a complete lack of interest you showed in her lifetime.’

The pair will serve half of their sentence behind bars, meaning they should be freed in less than six years to serve the rest of the term on licence.

Baker had claimed Wiltshire had caused their child’s horrific injuries before forcing her to get on the bus in a bid to frame her.

Wiltshire denied ever having been violent towards any of his 25 children – two of whom have died – or the 18 women who gave birth to them and said he had no idea how Imani had been killed.

Last month the pair were acquitted of murder but found guilty of causing or allowing the death of a child.

CCTV captured former music producer Wiltshire kissing Baker goodbye and giving her a ‘good luck’ hand gesture as she hopped on the busy bus after topping up her Oyster card on the morning of 28 September last year.

Baker sat texting on her mobile phone for some 20 minutes before raising the alarm, but remained ‘cold and calm’ as panicking passengers tried to save her daughter’s life.

Experts said Imani, who had weighed just 1lb when she was born, had already been dead for hours when she arrived at Newham General Hospital.

Former rapper Wiltshire, known in the music industry as ‘Pretty Boy Floyd’ and ‘Pepper Head’, had said he was pleased when he discovered Baker was pregnant, declaring: ‘I’m still firing’.

But she claimed he dished out savage beatings and said his violence towards her that had brought about Imani’s premature birth on 2 June last year.

Baker visited Imani just 16 times over the 64 days she was in hospital, whilst Wiltshire did not visit his daughter once.

On 15 August, Imani was placed on the child protection register when it was noted Baker had not built a relationship with her.

The judge said: ‘Although Imani’s life was short the last part of it can only have been terrifying, painful and bewildering.

‘Both of you at all times put your own interests ahead of those of a helpless and dependent baby for whom you were responsible.’

‘Although the jury could not be sure who was responsible for the head injuries it is safe and sure to conclude, given the extent of the and Imani’s vulnerability and helplessness, that whoever did it must have intended to cause her really serious bodily harm.’

He added: ‘Within a matter of hours of her death and when you both knew she was dead you embarked on a cynical charade to try and pretend she had simply stopped breathing when she was on the bus with Ms Baker rather than from violence in Mr Wiltshire’s flat.’