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MAPPED: What European people REALLY think of the EU (and it’s not good news for Brussels)


EUROPEAN voters’ apathy and hostility towards the EU project can be laid brutally bare today in a shock map of the continent which will set alarm bells bringing in Brussels.

It found that people in areas which receive the most cash from the bloc’s Cohesion Fund, such as Eastern Europe and rural Spain, boast the only “positive” views of Brussels.

The map of Europe's regionsThe map shows most people are apathetic towards the EU

In contrast, in areas which previously received high funding levels but have had them withdrawn, public perceptions of the EU have noticeably cooled.

The only sliver of comfort for Brussels is that, overall, most voters across the continent feel “attached” to the idea of a European community even if they view the EU negatively.

The regions surveyed were split into five categories, based on a combination of how people perceive the EU institutions and how “attached” they feel to the idea of European unity.

Regions were classified as positive overall, neutral in both respects, neutral but attached, negative but still attached or negative and neutral towards the bloc depending on the results of the polling.

The results showed that only 13.6 per cent of European regions view the project positively, compared to 31 per cent who see it negatively and 55.4 per cent who are neutral.