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Sinn Fein MPs confirm they WILL NOT take Commons seats amid fears party ‘will topple May’


The Irish Republican party confirmed their MPs were attending the House of Commons induction day for newcomers, register for allowances and sign up for office space.

Sinn Fein historically opposes Westminster’s jurisdiction in Northern Ireland and its oath to the Queen, so its MPs have abstained from sitting in parliament.

The Tories’ failure to secure an overall majority in the House of Commons has given the DUP’s 10 MPs a potentially crucial role in keeping Mrs May’s administration afloat.

Mr Corbyn is preparing his own Queen’s Speech which could be read should Mrs May’s version be voted down.

The backing of seven Sinn Fein MPs for Labour would effectively reduce the Tory majority to just four, which might bring the Government to the brink of collapse, the Sun revealed.

The seven members today confirmed they will not take their seats in the House of Commons amid the intense speculation.

The party, which traditionally takes its Westminster offices but does not sit in the Houses of Parliament, said its MPs will continue to boycott the Commons.

Sinn Fein said in a statement: “They have elected us to represent them but not to take our seats.

“We will come over to Westminster to argue with other parties and to fight for our rights and to fight for the rights of Irish citizens.”

If Theresa May fails in her bid to get the Queen’s speech through Parliament it is possible that Mr Corbyn could have the chance to form a minority Labour Government himself.

Although Gerry Adams previously said that Sinn Fein had been granted seven MPs “on the basis of us not taking our seats”.

Mr Adams added that Jeremy Corbyn is a “politician of principle” who will “understand the Sinn Fein position”.

It follows claims by the Sinn Fein president that a referendum on Irish unity is inevitable.