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God Bless the People of Britain – and grant wisdom as well!


What should we make of the ‘anti-terror’ protest march in Manchester on Sunday? Let’s start by getting the figures right: The claim of ‘65,000’ on the dramatic video below is ludicrous, but the huge turnout [see video] was genuinely a very pleasant surprise. It’s great to see so many young men and women out there wanting to do something worthwhile.

We were wrong in one respect: Many times more people went than were expected.

Clearly, anger over the latest terror attacks meant that perhaps 2,500 people overlooked the sickly liberalism of Rebel Media’s “Gays Against Sharia” stunt and travelled to Manchester to defy the far-left on what they think is ‘their turf’, and to show their revulsion against Islamist terrorism.

So, for the first time in ages, there is a hint that English patriots want to do something more than vote Brexit and then go back to moaning into their beer.

That’s good news. Really good news. And we commend those who understood that it’s a matter of duty to stand up and be counted and be ready to take effective action.

Which brings us to the question: What is effective about this action? What does anyone think events like this achieve? Let’s take it rationally, point-by-point:

There were many well-behaved, sensible, decent men and women on that march, even entire families. But the lying liberal media didn’t show them. The footage and photos they showed were of beer-swilling yobs shambling along screaming “Who for f*ck is Allah” and “You can stick your f*cking Allah up your *rse”.

So, first, as was 100% predictable, it gave the Fake News media a golden opportunity to portray opposition to Islamic extremism as confined to foul-mouthed imbeciles. There is no better way to scare away the vast majority of normal, decent Brits from such events in the future.

Is that a useful result that advanced the anti-Islamist cause? No!

Second, it gave the far-left an opportunity to portray themselves as the opposition to ‘Islamophobia’. As a result they will have recruited an unknown number of new stupid students and young secular Muslims to their scabby ranks.

Is that a useful result that advanced the anti-Islamist cause? No!

Third, it has given radical Islamists all over Britain the opportunity to approach young Muslims with alarmist tales that mobs of angry, pigs’-head waving English patriots are going to march on ‘their’ areas, burn down their mosques and attack women wearing burqas. Inevitably, that will drive even more of them into the radical camp.

In other words, it will have created more potential suicide bombers.

Is that a useful result that advanced the anti-Islamist cause? No!

Fourth, it will have given police intelligence units a giant ID parade on which to capture the mugshots of several thousand people and to have got a pretty good idea of who is mates with who.

So when the police uncover a really large Jihadist network and have to smash down hundreds of doors and arrest hundreds of young Muslims, they will have the intell and the propaganda excuse to use some idiot’s ‘bacon protest’ as the reason to arrest hundreds of ‘Islamophobic extremists’ – which is what the Powers That Be will do in the hope of placating the ‘Muslim community’:

“We’re not arresting your boys because they’re Muslims, but because they’re extremists. And to prove it, we’ve just arrested the same number of English extremists too.”

Is that a useful result that advanced the anti-Islamist cause? No!

Fifth: The biggest threat of Islamisation to our society is NOT Islamic suicide bombers but the Islamist demographic time-bomb. The ONLY way to defuse that is for OUR community to have more children to match them.

This protest was billed as pro-LGBT. It featured cultural Marxist rainbow flags, sending out the liberal message that homosexuality is an ‘acceptable lifestyle choice’, rather than the destructive perversion that it really is. Does that advance or hinder the drive to encourage our people to have more children?

No! So will it have advanced the anti-Islamist cause? No!

Now ask yourself a couple more questions:

Will this protest have stopped a single grooming gang rape? No!

Will this protest have have frightened ISIS in the slightest or in any other way made future terror attacks less likely? No!

It WILL have made some 2,500 people feel good about themselves for the day, despite the fact that, as we’ve seen above, they didn’t actually achieve anything useful.

Is that a useful result that advanced the anti-Islamist cause? No!

As we said at the start, it is good that so many people wanted to do something. But it is not good that the multi-million dollar Canadian Zionist organisation Rebel Media and Tommy Robinson (who, remember, went and worked for an ISLAMIC group http://www.barenakedislam.com/2013/10/12/has-tommy-robinson-converted-to-islam/) led them down this counter-productive dead-end.

If even just a handful of the people who went to Manchester or who watched the Manchester footage and thought it good NOW think some more and understand that we are right, and if they make up their minds to look for effective ways to prepare for the coming storm, then it will still end up being a long-term benefit to the Cause.

So what about it? Are you ready to “put aside childish things” and get involved in long-term, productive, intelligently thought out initiatives to build the real resistance? If so, you know where we are and where to start: http://ktorder.com