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HELP THE CHRISTIANS : ISIS massacres hundreds as jihadis target thousands of Christians to build new ‘caliphate’


ISLAMIC State fighters have taken hostages and forced thousands of people to flee from their homes as the jihadis attempt to create a stronghold in the Middle East. Open Doors

said a priest has been taken hostage appearing in a propaganda video pleading for Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte to “consider” hostages’s lives as he bombs the city in the fight against ISIS.In the video Father Teresito Suganob says he is one of around

200 people being held hostage by the Islamists who stormed the city, setting fire to buildings including a cathedral and Christian college. He says the militants later killed nine Christians at a checkpoint; local residents identified them as Christians and said they had

been pulled from a truck, had their hands bound and then their bodies riddled with bullets and left in a field. Reports have emerged that Christians were being specifically targeted, forced to recite Muslim prayers and used as human shields – yet there have also been

stories of acts of solidarity from Muslims towards Christians, with Muslims reportedly giving Christians hijabs, hiding them in their homes and teaching them Muslim prayers.Many women have been left destitute by the ISIS takeover with Open Doors saying families are desperately in need of basic items including underwear and sanitary products amid fears poor conditions in evacuation centres will cause diseases to spread.  An Open Doors worker known as Khali said: “The immediate needs are underwear and sanitary napkins. Medicines are also needed now, as with the cramped spaces in the evacuation centre comes contagious diseases. “Sanitation of the place, as expected, is not good. There are relief goods distributed by the government, but as to whether it is enough for each family, that is uncertain.” State troops are said to be re-taking ground with reports of five decapitated civilians found in the city. President Rodrigo Duterte promised to destroy the militants in Marawi and said the Philippines was now dealing with “a very dangerous situation” due to young Muslims inspired by the “mass insanity” of ISIS..