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‘EU will do what we want’ Fisheries minister blasts BBC host over negative Brexit outlook


FISHERIES Minister George Eustice blasted BBC radio host John Pienaar over Brexit saying the European Union will do what the UK wants because it needs access to our markets. The Minister for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs said the EU wanted “tariff free

access” to Britain and would concede access to its own markets including fisheries.Speaking on Pienaar’s Politics on the BBC, Mr Eustice rebuked host Pienaar’s

comments that Britain would pursue an “unfair balance”. Pienaar said: “Britain doesn’t just want access to the market, no one’s suggesting Europe’s going to shut the door to British trade.“You want it on the same terms as we have at the moment, even after we

leave the European Union and leave the single market. “While you give an advantage, so in this case, British ships, fishing, in British waters, that’s an unfair balance, isn’t it? “Why would they do that, yes they want access to the British market but there was 500 million

people in the EU market, 50 million in this country, why would they say ‘ok, we’ll have exactly and give exactly what you want’.”Mr Eustice signalled that would be the case and cited Danish bacon and Dutch horticulture as examples of sectors that needed UK access.He said: “Well they would do that because they want tariff free access to our market and if you look at countries like Denmark, they sell huge amounts of bacon and pork into our market. “The Netherlands sells huge amounts of horticulture. Trade bodies in those countries are going to their governments and going to the Commission and saying it is absolutely essential that you preserve access to the UK market for our industries.“We’re an open, trading country. We want a free trade agreement and we’ll be saying, of course we will have free trade, we will buy your products but, in return, of course you’ll have to give us access to your markets for products like fisheries.”Meanwhile, a leading Brexiteer has maintained the UK needs to leave the customs union to ensure “rapid” trade deals around the world, leaving behind a “furious” EU Commission.Owen Paterson said the European Union body was seething at the idea of a £10billion shortfall after the UK exits the bloc after making the case for the “massive” opportunities now awaiting Britain. Speaking on BBC Two’s Daily Politics, the Tory MP said rising standards around the world meant there were more markets for the UK to export to.When asked about the EU Commission floating the idea of reducing the amount spent on agriculture to fill a funding shortfall after Brexit, the Mr Paterson said the body was “furious”.He said: “The Commission is furious with us cause they’re going to be £10bn short and we know that the new entrant countries, so the ex-communist countries which come from Eastern Europe, they came in at a very low rate of subsidy compared to the established countries like France [and] Germany.“You could see this row coming down the track… there’ll be a huge row this time and thank goodness we’re going to be out of it because what we can do is tailor an agricultural and environmental policy to our own industry.”.