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Putin Confirms TRUTH About Hillary The Media Was HIDING


Putin Confirms TRUTH About Hillary The Media Was HIDING VIDEO
The media continues to lie for the Democrats. President Trump just had an incredibly

successful meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin — but the media is only concerned with conspiracy theories.

President Trump and Vladimir Putin have agreed to a cease fire in Southwest Syria. Vladimir Putin has previously claimed that ISIS was created by Hillary Clinton, and former President Obama.

Back in 2015, when ISIS was at its height, Vladimir Putin explained how the largest terrorist group in history was created thanks to the Obama administration.

The Russian president claims that ISIS was able to bolster their ranks by hiring mercenaries originally armed and bought by the Obama administration to fight the Syrian government.

Additionally, the Democrats created a power vacuum in the area when they announced that American troops in Iraq were being pulled out. This vacuum helped created ISIS.

ISIS was able to grow unchecked, and hired mercenaries armed with American weapons. ISIS was then able to capture oil fields in the now-insecure Iraq in order to finance their terrorism.
Obama further helped ISIS by creating a market for their ill-gotten oil wealth. ISIS was selling oil to American allies with Obama’s tacit consent – he never attempted to cut off the terrorists’ revenue sources.

At their height in 2015, ISIS was netting over $81 million per month thanks the Obama administration. However, since the election of President Trump, ISIS revenue has dropped to $16 million per month. President Trump is beating ISIS back fast, and the terror group is rapidly ceding territory. (via CNN Money)

It is the loss of territory that is impacting the bottom line of ISIS the most. What was once the richest terror organization under Obama has shrank to a nuisance the size of Belgium thanks to President Trump. Now, ISIS is barely holding onto two cities on and the terror group is on the verge of collapse.

The speed at which President Trump has dispatched ISIS reveals that either was completely ineffectual or he made no attempt to stop the spread of ISIS.

President Trump reveals the power of the American military when it is allowed to act. Moral leadership is righting the wrongs of the Obama administration while forming important partnerships abroad.