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Would say that Sweden is in a Crisis: THE STATUS IN SWEDEN 2017


I, as a Swede, would say that Sweden is in a crisis.

The reckless immigration is on its way to pass what we can handle as a small country. We have the highest immigration per capita in Europe and in 2015 alone we received 265 000 immigrants.

This has resulted in that our politicians priorities 60% of our tax money on the immigrants. More and more pensioners are living in poverty and we have the longest hospital waiting time in Europe.

Multiculturalism isn’t working out as planned. We have 55 no-go zones runned by criminals, the violence is increasing drastically, sexual assault is increasing drastically and the police is loosing control of the situation.

We have almost no political debate about immigration and the fact that we must open our hearts when the world face difficult times is still brought up when someone points out how bad things are going. It’s so bad that when someone does that – speaks out about the immigration policy, the media and politicians are quick to judge them as racists and even Nazis.

When Donald Trump referred to a Fox Report about the problems we have here in Sweden our mainstream media laughed at him, our prime minister replied with “What have you smoked?” and our government started working their asses of to cover up what he said. What I don’t understand though is that every statistics speaks for itself so if only everyone looked up some facts before calling others racists we would have a much better political climate today.