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‘Prince William should stand for election’ Fury as Owen Jones suggests ABOLISHING monarchy


OWEN Jones believes the British monarchy should be abolished, and Prince Charles and Prince William should stand for election.

LBC Radio host Owen Jones was commenting on reports about the Queen not planning to relinquish the crown to Prince Charles.

He said: “As a country would it be the end of the world [to elect our head of state]?

“Wouldn’t it enshrine our democracy?”

Mr. Jones cited a recent poll showing that 54% of the British public would prefer Prince William to succeed to his grandmother Queen Elizabeth.

He said: “There’s a poll recently which suggested that 54% of people think Prince William should take over, and about 25% think it should be Charles.

“One way of going about it is that they both could stand in an election and, while we are at it, maybe some other people could stand as well. We could have an open election about who our head of state is.”

But some members of the British public did not take well to the suggestions and took to Twitter to vent their fury.

Many exploded on social media blasting the Corbyn-backing political activist after he questioned the role of the Royals in the UK political life.

Twitter user Geoff responded to the suggestion of abolishing the crown saying: “Oh dear Owen Jones off on one again. The Monarchy is one of the UK’s finest assets and is the envy of the world.”

One Twitter user focused on fiercely defending the Queen and her work in the nearly 70 years she has been on the throne.

The user also took the chance to take a dig at Mr. Jones directly.

He wrote: “No. The Queen does more good for this country in one week than you will in a lifetime

Another Twitter user adopted a more pragmatic stance, questioning the need for the presenter to have his own radio show.

James H. said: “Is it time to abolish Owen Jones yet?”

User Joe C. commented Mr. Jones argument writing: “No. Constitutional Monarchy + Parl. democracy best way to obstruct tyranny.”

There were, however, signs of support for Mr. Jones’ side of the argument.

A user identified as G. said: “Yes, nothing against the individuals but concept is out of date. In a so-called democracy we no longer need Monarch to lead us into battle.”